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Obagi Nu-Derm Guide
1. Who is Obagi Nu-Derm System For?
2. What Can I Expect From The Result of Obagi Nu-Derm System?
3. Whar Are The Steps to Obagi Nu-Derm System?
4. What Will I Experience During Obagi Transformation?
5. Obagi Nu-Derm System Protocol for Use.
6. See The Different Protocols to Obagi Nu-Derm System.
7. Download the Obagi Nu-Derm Guide.
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4. What Will I Experience?
During treatment, you can expect to experience four phases as your skin undergoes its Transformation to a healthier and younger-looking appearance.  Some of the reactions include redness, peeling and itching.  The length of time for each phase depends on your daily commitment to use the System and the condition of your skin. 

The Obagi Nu-Derm treatment usually consists of three skin cycles each lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.  During the first cycle, reactions are the strongest including redness, peeling and itching.  As the skin builds tolerance to the program at the second skin cycle, reaction subsides and your skin begins to produce more normal and healthy cells.  When new skin cells continue reaching the surface and produce collagen, you will begin to notice significant improvements in your skins.  At the conclusion of the third skin cycle, your skin is now healthier, younger with more even color tone and naturally hydrated.  After the Transformation, it is your goal to keep your skin fit and healthy by following the maintenance protocols.

 Obagi Nu-Derm System - Reaction Phase (approximately 6 - 8 weeks)
  What happens
In this initial phase, the Obagi Nu-Derm System penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin to correct signs of premature aging.  Old, dead skin cells are sloughed off and replaced by fresh cells.  You can expect a more even-toned skin as pigment cells begin to become balanced.
What to expect
  • Exfoliation and flaking
  • Redness and dryness
  • Wrinkles and acne may look worse temporarily
  • More even-toned skin
  • Freckles, age spots and dark patches begin fading
 Obagi Nu-Derm System - Tolerance Phase (approximately 6 - 8 weeks)
  What happens
As correction and stimulation continues, you begin to notice significant improvements in your skin.  Your skin begins producing normal, healthy cells.  New skin cells continue reaching the surface and the production of collagen and elastin increases.  Pigment cells are distributing melanin more evenly.  Your skin is now begins to tolerate the System's ingredients.
What to expect
  • Wrinkles begin to reduce
  • Tightening of your pores
  • Further lightening of your freckles, age spots and dark patches
  • Subsiding redness and flaking
  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Skin has built tolerance to the treatment; reaction subsides
Obagi Nu-Derm System - Corrected Phase (approximately 6 - 8 weeks)
  What happens
In this phase, your friends will begin to notice your skin.  It has been Transformed to function properly.  Layers of the skin receive increased supply of nutrients and blood flow.  Healthy, strong collagen and elastin production continues.  Skin is smooth, naturally hydrated, evenly colored and more resilient.
What to expect
  • Firmer and tighter skin
  • Improved clarity and healthy glow
  • Even color tone
  • Smooth and naturally hydrated
  • More resilient
Obagi Nu-Derm System - Lifetime Maintenance Phase (indefinitely, with maintenance)
  What happens
The Obagi Nu-Derm System has Transformed your skin!  Now, your goal is to make it a permanent part of your daily health care routine.  By continuing with a maintenance protocol, you can expect to maintain the results you have achieved.
What to expect
  • Maintain skin clarity
  • Prevent future damage
  • Improve anti-aging effects
  • Prevent changes in pigmentation
  • Continue production of collagen and elastin

We do not recommend purchasing these products without a medical professional's recommendation and strongly encourage you to continue to follow up with your physician on a regular basis.

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